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IBM's "Watson" Supercomputer to Compete on Jeopardy!, Ready For Primetime

Hot Hardware: Wow, it's actually happening. If you'll recall, reports were flying last year that IBM's supercomputer, a guy by the name of Watson, would one day appear on one of the most famed game shows in the history of television: Jeopardy!. After two years of development and another year of tweaking, Watson is now starring in a Jeopardy! competition video on the world's most famous video viewing portal. What is YouTube?

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Some of Google’s biggest rivals are taking its side in a Supreme Court battle

After nearly a decade, Oracle’s copyright lawsuit against Google is close to settling an important question: can you own the basic commands of a coding language

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A smartwatch packed with folding screens is a great idea for living in a future of stupid tech

IBM has a patent out there for a smartwatch packed with a bunch of folding screens, because the future is dumb as heck.

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The creation of the electronic brain

DCD reports on the epic decades-long quest to make computers more like the human brain. Early efforts brought us the deep learning revolution, neuromorphic computing could bring us so much more

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