17 Geeky Computer Mice Mods

Walyou: What could be better than a Mouse that reflects your personality and the way you think and act? Customized mice have always been in vogue, but the world of modding takes mice a step ahead from the mice offered in the markets. Modders usually mod existing mice and create something fantastic or they use certain other portable gadgets and mod a mouse into it.

fatstarr4848d ago

The Snes Mouse looks really sexy. Gray and purple never looked so good.


Adaptive headlights will save us from blinding LEDs

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The Downward Spiral of Linus Media Group

Shaz from TL writes: “Linus Sebastian’s media company, Linus Media Group, is under fire. From ethical concerns with videos, to allegations of workplace harassment.”

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10 HP Printer Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

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