Music industry dogpiles on LimeWire with new lawsuit

Arstechnica: LimeWire continues to take a beating from the music industry, as eight members of the National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) have filed a new lawsuit against the company.

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fatstarr4442d ago

This is nonsense. they are just beating the crap out of the largest making it a victim.
Lime wire last I remembered was 1 song shared from 1 PC to many. Most of these people would never go out to find a CD just for one song, nor would they sign up with a credit card to a service that would end up charging them hundreds overtime for music. If it wasn't for music piracy music wouldn't have the strong user base that it has today.

Me and many others do not care if some people were hurt and lost some money. tell it to the famous celeb that makes 4million ask him or her can you please accept 3 million and split it to the rest of us. but they would say no which is similar to the damage that pirates have done. I really do not get this industry its about time they made a new pricing model because itunes and zune market place and the other online legit music things are all that they have going for them.

I reality they are just greedy and they want the consumers money.