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What Is I.B.M.’s Watson?

Ny Times: With Watson, I.B.M. claims it has cracked the problem — and aims to prove as much on national TV. The producers of “Jeopardy!” have agreed to pit Watson against some of the game’s best former players as early as this fall. To test Watson’s capabilities against actual humans, I.B.M.’s scientists began holding live matches last winter.


IBM Watson Prepare for the Future of VR and AR with VR Speech Sandbox

IBM Watson want to be at the cutting edge, serving the community from the very start.


CeBIT 2017: Meet Pepper the IBM Watson Powered Robot

Darryl Linington from Tech IT Out writes: "At CeBIT 2017, the team at Tech IT Out had the pleasure of meeting Pepper which is according to the IBM team on the CeBIT showroom floor, a robot powered by IBM Watson."

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IBM's Watson-powered wellness app with Pathway Genomics enters alpha release

The app focuses on a wellness report compiled from a bevy of data sources, such as a user's genetic test, health habits, and health tracker information from the likes of Apple HealthKit.