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Garmin Astro DC 40 GPS Dog Tracker helps you corral your canine

Dogs, eh? Because they will insist on having legs, you can’t always be sure they’ll still be where you left them when you come back home. Bravely filling that lost-dog niche is Garmin, who have just taken the wraps off their second-gen Astro GPS Dog Tracking Collar. The Garmin DC 40 has an integrated GPS puck and goes round your dog’s neck, while the waterproof Garmin Astro 220 receiver shows exactly where the animal is on its color display.

One Astro 220 receiver can track up to ten different dogs simultaneously, if you’re greedy and have more than just one or two, and you can set the update frequency to five, 10, 30 or 120 seconds; battery life is 17 to 48 hours, depending on that setting. As for the 220, that should last up to 24hrs on two regular AA batteries. If you don’t want just anybody locating your dog, you can set a four-digit PIN that needs to be entered before the GPS info will come through.

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