The Desktop OS Will Never Die – Just Multiply

More and more people are traveling without a laptop these days, who otherwise might have been laden with a heavy machine. Some of them are realizing that their email, Web browsing and even basic document needs are better met by a smartphone. Some have even taken the plunge to buy a tablet like an iPad, and find that it does the trick just fine. In fact, with its light weight, great casual gaming and top-notch multimedia capabilities, the iPad or a similar tablet might be a better choice than a laptop for many travelers.

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fatstarr4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

I agree with this article, Points out a lot of flaws/debates coming with the next wave of technology. My standpoint of desktops is that as long as there are die hards like myself it just wont go out of style... nothing about a laptop looks cool but a monstrous desktop and a wicked setup makes it look cool. Think about it a majority of software is designed for desktop first. programming and design is done on mostly desktops. Computer Networks utilize desktops I have yet to see any Laptop Server. everything connects to a desktop for ideal use. Laptops are not powerful in comparisons to the mid tier desktop.