Ubuntu Tablets Set To Take On Apple iPad

Linux distributor Canonical are set to take on Apples iPad after announceing they will relase a version on Ubuntu for tablets early next year.

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fatstarr4448d ago

Ubuntu, Google, apple, microsoft .... I think we found the next frontier =O.

ChickeyCantor4447d ago

Meaning we could also install other OS's?

leedobson4447d ago

@fatstarr maybe, would love to see them take a bite out of Apples lead

@sidar not on the iPad, Canonical (Linux Distributor) are in talks with manufactures to develop a device in which can run Ubuntu.

fatstarr4447d ago

i would like to live in a society where we could pick the os system we wanted on our phones...

leedobson4446d ago

@fatstarr I don't think we are ever going to see that day to be honest