Asus slaps AMD Geode CPU in its Eee PC

Fudzilla: Although we were quite happy to see something else than Atom in the Eee PC series, we certainly didn't think about AMD's Geode NX 1750 CPU. Still, this is exactly what Asus decided to use in its Eee PC 1201K.

The AMD Geode NX series features 128Kb of L1 and 256Kb of L2 cache, and the NX 1750 works at 1.4GHz at 1.25V with an average and maximum TDP of 14 and 25W. Despite the fact that we are talking about a 1.4GHz CPU there is still a lot to be desired as with this CPU, Eee PC is capable of a mere 2-hour life on a 6-cell battery.

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