I Just Plain Don't Want an All-In-One Device

Dick Ward writes: "Do you dream of having a Pip-Boy strapped to your wrist detailing your vital statistics, streaming communications, and – Why not? – playing video and audio files to your heart’s content? Hey, that’s fine with me; you can want whatever you want. Just don’t sign me up for your crazy future. I like my business and pleasure separate, thanks very much."

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fatstarr4450d ago

I agree with this rant. everyone is trying to do everything now a days. I had my cell phone only one day and i felt empty, sure it had music and a camera and games and etc. but i missed my mp3,ds,camera,and my other items. Makes me feel like the guy from live free or die hard, with the computer stuff.

Captain Tuttle4449d ago

I love being able to do everything from one device...much more efficient. If I'm out with the kids and I want to send a picture to the wife I take one with the phone and send it off. Done. If we're going for a hike though and I'll be running into some nice views I'll take the DSLR. Having a device that multitasks albeit at a lower quality does not preclude someone from having devices that do things in high quality. There's a time and a place for everything.

GodsHand4449d ago

Double edge sword. It's nice to have all in one devices, but most of the time being able to use 2 features at the same time does not always work, becuase one of the devices has to take prioirty over the use of the buttons and what not. But having 10 devices does not seem efficent to carry around everywhere you go. I belive we will get to the point where a device can do everything, and won't interfear with other one another.