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Foxconn axes suicide compensation, relocating some production to Vietnam or Taiwan

At yesterday's annual shareholder meeting, Foxconn revealed that it'll no longer be compensating families of dead employees as a move to discourage further suicides. CEO Terry Gou reasoned by exhibiting evidence that showed the money -- an amount almost equivalent to ten years' worth of salary -- was a major motivation for the suicides.

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Foxconn says China can no longer be "the world's factory"

Foxconn's latest earnings report is out, and it looks like Apple's biggest supplier rose above analyst expectations at a time when many other companies have seen their business dwindle because of the pandemic.

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Leak May Reveal Apple’s AR Plans for iPhone8

A Foxconn employee has revealed some of Apple's possible plans for AR glasses and the iPhone8


Your iPhone may soon be built entirely by a robot

Foxconn Electronics in China has announced that it plans to automate its entire workforce in its efforts to increase output and decrease production costs.

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Speed-Racer2520d ago

Guess this goes against what Donald Trump wanted?

Zerg2520d ago

I need to replace my crappy iPhone 7! Apple will definitely drop the price this round!

ProjectVulcan2519d ago

It's because of those pesky Chinese workers wanting ridiculous luxuries such as 'breaks' and less than 18 hour days while getting paid more than 50 cents an hour isn't it Foxconn?

Software_Lover2519d ago

And it will still be expensive.

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