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Android's Acne Problem: Or Why You Should Stick to the Google Phone

Matt Buccanan of Gizmodo writes: "HTC's Evo might be the last phone running custom software on top of Android that you should even consider buying. Because the whole trend of skinning Android has become a horrible, dividing mess.

The problem with an Android phone running a phone manufacturer's homebrew software, like HTC's Sense or Sony's TimeScape, is well known: You're going to wait a lot longer to get the freshest version of Android. That wait wasn't a big deal in the past. And considering Android's grander ambitions, I'm not so sure fragmentation is as big of an issue as some would suggest (which Google will tell you). But as of Android 2.2, you should still think a bit more deeply about which Android path you're going to walk down."

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snoop_dizzle4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

This is partially why I am iffy about Android. I think it is a good OS, but it has to mature a bit more for me (app store and all).In some ways I think its greatest strength is its greatest weakness. If I'm buying a higher end Android device like the EVO, I would think it would be best to be able to get updates earlier. I know the idea was to have an OS that could run on numerous phones, but that also brings up issues as well.

You may have to cut out lower end devices with newer Android updates, but that is typically the way tech moves anyway.

The Evo is one of the few Android phones (alongside the N1) that I would consider buying, but being that the new iPhone is basically on par in many regards (supposedly better on battery life), I may as well go for that. Granted the EVO is 4G capable, but right now that 4G is scarce currently. In half a year to a year though I do see Android potentially being a bit more solid. It has improved greatly as it is.