Soldier Arrested for Leaking Classified Items onto Wikileaks

Back in March, the internet's favorite repository of anonymous leaks, Wikileaks, published a classified Army document that labeled the site a security threat. According to the U.S. military, the man responsible for passing along classified information to Wikileaks, which included the above mentioned document and a helicopter video kept classified for its ignominiously incriminating nature, is now in its custody in Kuwait. He is yet to be indicted as the military is still investigating the matter.

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fatstarr4451d ago

SMH “I would come in with music on a CD-RW labeled with something like ‘Lady Gaga,’ erase the music then write a compressed split file,” Manning told Lamo. “Weak servers, weak logging, weak physical security, weak counter-intelligence, inattentive signal analysis … a perfect storm.”

thats bad