AT&T Data Caps, Customer Threats -- What Next?

PC World: "Call me crazy, but I'm starting to think AT&T might actually be trying to get bad publicity.

I mean, come on: First, the company pulls the plug on its unlimited data plans, leading to what's being described by some as a bait-and-switch, especially for iPad 3G users. As my colleague Dan Frakes over at Macworld points out, the new setup reneges on AT&T's promise that iPad users could activate unlimited 3G service on-demand, when they needed it, without any contract or commitment.

To be fair, the AT&T data plan shift may not be bad for everyone -- some users may end up paying less as a result of the change -- but there's no question that plenty of people don't see it as a positive. AT&T's newly added $20 fee for tethering on top of that doesn't help matters, either. "

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gizmig2229d ago

Wow, "cease-and-desist letter" What is that? If he tried to contact Stephenson again, he will get that letter.:P Well AT & T needs to explain this for sure.