Fanboyism and Brand Loyalty

Gizmodo: "The Misconception: We prefer the things we own over the things we don't because we made rational choices when we bought them. The Truth?

The truth is that you prefer the things you own because you rationalize your past choices to protect your sense of self.

The Internet changed the way people argue."


Internet Killed The Magazine Star

TechCrunch: "PC Magazine and PC World began competing when PC Mag employees refused to go along with the acquisition. A similar thing happened in the early days of Gizmodo when Pete Rojas was hired away from Gawker Media to start Engadget. I read these two blogs a decade ago while slaving away at Laptop Magazine/PC Upgrade which, as you can easily surmise, no longer have print editions either. This little power struggle created the two juggernauts of this decade and ushered in the demise of the computer magazine."

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Gizmodo banned from this years WWDC event

After leaking a prototype iPhone earlier this year, Gizmodo is in Apple's bad books. Editor Brian Lam says "it's no surprise: Apple has not responded to our requests to attend the WWDC keynote on Monday at 10am PST," asking for community members to help them live blog Steve Jobs keynote when the event kicks off.