The Cloud to rain down faster Wi-Fi

Pocket-Lint: The Cloud has announced that it is upgrading its public Wi-Fi network so as its users will be able to get a minimum 8MB connection, with 16MB or 24MB available in some areas.

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Syko4866d ago

I was thinking the same thing as "Brian, England, UK" who commented on the story. The "MB" would indicate Mega-Bytes, It should actually be "Mb" which indicates Mega-Bits.

A 24MB(Megabyte) per second connection would be the equivalent of a nitrous burning top fuel drag racing car.


FBI reacts to Apple’s end-to-end encryption feature that advocates laud

The Shortcut reports the FBI opposition to Apple's encryption, covers the EFF's approval of it, and reports Apple's discontinuation of on-device CSAM scanning.

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SwiderMan294d ago

Poking them in the FBeye! 😉

softwaredeveloper101d ago

Great blog post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading

8d ago

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Where in the world is my data and how secure is it?

Who has your data? So much of our private details are stored in the cloud, but where is that exactly, and is it secure?