AT&T Just Killed Unlimited Wireless Data (and Screwed Everybody in the Process)

Gizmodo writes: "Unlimited, all-you-can-eat wireless data was a beautiful thing, delivering streams of Pandora, YouTube videos, a million tweets, and hundreds of webpages without worry. And now it's dead."

fatstarr4753d ago

I don't see this going well, good thing I don't use AT&T . But what can you do...
its not right hopefully it doesn't transfer over into internet providers following trends like its twitter.

SUP3R4753d ago

Sucks for them. I'll stick with Tmobile thanks.

Captain Tuttle4752d ago

I'm not a heavy data user with my iPhone. If this lowers my costs then I'm in agreement. People who don't use much data are subsidizing the data whores.

If they don't offer a lower cost plan for low data users than this does indeed suck.

astar1234567894752d ago

its not only at&t its also version to when they go 4g there plans are doing the same thing, so don't read to much in to this

ruiner44824752d ago

ATT is such a rip off. I'll stick with Sprint, 69.99 450 anytime minutes, free calls to any wireless phone, 5gb cap on bandwidth, unlimited messaging, SprintNav which I love. When I get the Evo, 4g for another 10 bucks and unlimited usage no cap.

I know people jock the iphone and what not but srsly it's like a $120-$130 a month to use it.