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Will the Future of Office Software Belong to Microsoft Office or Google Docs?

Associatedcontent: The 12th of May 2010 was the official market launch for Microsoft's Office 2010. But according to Google today no one needs the new version of Microsoft's Office suite any more. Google believes that if you are considering an upgrade of your office applications from Microsoft, then you should also consider an alternative: A change to Googles online office suite Google Docs.

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fatstarr4372d ago

It will be Microsoft office. One of the few things Microsoft actually gets right. to me Google docs is a joke and I much rather type my documents in open office and edit in word.

Captain Tuttle4372d ago

Besides the fact that MS has the business customers all but wrapped up. Most IT depts. in big businesses are very conservative and they don't like rocking the boat. And those customers are MS's bread and butter.

Sorry for all of the cliche's