Engadget: T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Review

Engadget writes: "Like it or not, T-Mobile has now officially turned its myTouch brand into an entire franchise, thanks to the addition of a second model and an entire line of styled accessories -- but it's not just about the hardware".

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Syko4864d ago

This site reminds me on a daily basis that my G1, My favorite phone and friend is now totally obsolete. FML.

This thing looks great, The whole reason I hated the MyTouch 3G was I like having a full keyboard.

fatstarr4864d ago

I don't think the G1 is completely extinct. My friend is a rebel G1 user and he tells me all the time that there is a band of G1 lovers converting and adapting the new firmware updates and general updates to the G1. so all is not lost.

Syko4864d ago

I know...Damn my laziness. I need to get involved in that scene. G1 Fo' LIFE! =)