Engadget: iLuv App Station Review

Engadget writes: "We know that this next bit of information will most likely shock and upset you, but it has to be told: the current Engadget editor doesn't own an iPod dock. In fact, he doesn't even own an alarm clock. Of course, it would be nice to listen to Pandora or the BBC's Desert Island Disks without switching on the computer during those rare times when we weren't working -- but it was never a priority. Not a priority, that is, until we laid eyes on that cute Alarm Clock app (or, at least, a cardboard simulation thereof) at CES. Now that we have had the iLuv App Station in our hot little hands (and on our bedside table) for a week, the jury is in. Is iLuv's App Station all that it's cracked up to be? Read on, dear readers, to find out".

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