High School Swaps Out Textbooks For iPads

Kotaku writes: "When the students of St. Catherine's High School's new middle school program arrive next year, they'll be sporting shiny new iPads instead of textbooks, giving students plenty of games to play while they should be learning, until they get stolen.

It's a revolutionary idea, I suppose, but a very bad revolutionary idea."

fatstarr4869d ago

My university is going to do the same thing next year with an ipad and or kindle. But i still think its too early.

Speed-Racer4869d ago

I say...good idea...as much as I dont like Apple becoming a crazy monopoly, at least they are pushing the ideas we once saw in movies...

Cyrus3654869d ago

Middle School? Kids don't have enough respect for someone else property, these devices will be broken by half through the semester.

brennton4868d ago

One Australian government is buying 500 iPads for schools - it's certainly taking off Down Under!


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