10 Reasons Why Microsoft's Decline Is Good for the Company

Microsoft is on the decline. For the first time, Apple has beaten the software giant as the most valuable company in the industry. For its part, Microsoft is shrugging it off. But it should embrace the news. It's good for the company.

fatstarr4754d ago

Microsoft can shrug it off no one is converting to apple anytime soon. apple was used to life as the underdog with apple this and ipad that but now some serious greed corruption and screw ups will come about. lets see how long this lasts

astar1234567894754d ago

i hate m$ and i hope they go down in to flames

amigaman4754d ago

I looked at some statistics:
Enterprise Value (May 29, 2010)3: 196.67B
Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday): 13.37
Forward P/E (fye Jun 30, 2011)1: 11.12

Enterprise Value (May 29, 2010)3: 207.38B
Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday): 21.78
Forward P/E (fye Sep 26, 2011)1: 16.65

You can see that P/E for Microsoft is better then Apples, that means it will take longer for you to get the money back with Apple then with Microsoft in the long run, it also means that the stock is HOT.