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Aitek teases 'Leo,' monster 14 megapixel smartphone for unveiling next month

Engadget: "We don't have a lot of detail to work on here, but Aitek -- a company that's no stranger to ridiculous optics slapped on the back of a phone -- is chatting up its new Leo model that will officially bow at next month's CommunicAsia show in Singapore. It's being ominously called a "smartphone" without talking about the platform at hand, but judging from the key layout, we're going to fathom a guess that it might be running Android. Around back, you have a zoom lens parked in front of a 14 megapixel sensor that's capable of 720p video capture, and the support for WiFi and HSPA alike should help you ferry those shots to where they need to go. Pricing, availability, and other pertinent details will hopefully follow."

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