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Lenovo IdeaCentre A300 now on sale, offers less value for more money

Engadget: "If you set your heart on the sexy, swiveling Lenovo IdeaCentre A300 desktop when you saw it at CES, the time has come to lay down your cash -- the all-in-one PC is now available for order. It's kind of a shame that it'll take eighteen days to arrive on your doorstep after you write the check, and we're not terribly jazzed that there are only two last-gen Core 2 Duo Mobile configurations on offer for hundreds of dollars more than Lenovo originally promised, but hey -- form over function, right? Just make sure you opt for the $950 version if you plan to watch any LOST reruns on the glossy 21.5-inch screen, as Lenovo no longer includes a TV tuner in the base model."

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