Sky in talks to put Sky Player on other consoles

Tech-Radar writes: "Sky's director of on-demand Griff Parry has told TechRadar that the company is 'engaged in talks to explore opportunities' with other mainstream consoles, but remains focused on enriching the Sky Player on the Xbox 360.

Sky has never made any secret about being platform agnostic – and recent deals with Freeview set top box manufacturers like FetchTV, Humax and 3View has illustrated this point."

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A Japanese Man Arrested For ReSelling Modding Playstation 3

In Japan reselling of modded game systems is illegal, a man has been arrested for reselling modding PlayStation 3 to a person in Tokyo.

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New Sony Patent Could Bring Backwards Compatibility On PlayStation 5

Sony has filed a patent which could bring backwards compatibility on playstation 5. legacy devices playstation 4, playstation 3, playstation 4 woud work

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mcstorm1989d ago

For me this is one thing Sony need to do with the ps5 just because Microsoft have. I do wonder if ps5 games will work on the ps4 and the other way round to as this is the road microsoft have said they are going so I see Sony matching this. Intresting times for the console market.

MoonConquistador1989d ago

You're referring to forwards compatibility rather than backwards. No PS5 games won't work on PS4 just like PS4 games won't run on a PS3, PS 3 games won't run on a PS 2 and so forth.

2pacalypsenow1989d ago

No, we dont need the Xbox 1 and PS4 holding back the PS5 and Next Xbox.

S2Killinit1988d ago

There wont be forward compatability. That wouldnt even work. Backward compatibility is a different question.

KwietStorm_BLM1988d ago

How exactly would PS5 games work on PS4?

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DillyDilly1989d ago

& re release games Digitally as thats also a big plus from Microsoft

annoyedgamer1989d ago

Backwards Comparability is a big feature when you don't have any games to offer on the Xbox On..Oh wait, Sony is doing it now?

XentaJones1989d ago

Backwards Compatibility - yeah via psnow or something...


Sony PlayStation 3 owners eligible for $65 settlement

Do you remember like a decade ago, Sony promised that you'd be able to run Linux on the PS3? Me neither. However, apparently they did make that promise. In the end, they didn't go through with it due one matter or another.

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KingPin2311d ago

just reading the preview of this article makes me not even want to click the link.
first off, it was advertised on all launch consoles as a feature over the 360. as a matter of fact there was an option to install other OS on all firmwares before 3.55. they only removed it after geohot used linux to hack the console.....so how this guy claims not to know any of that shows ignorance and isnt worth my time reading anything else he has to say.

kevnb2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

it was removed on firmware 3.21, not sure if geohot even used other os to hack/get the keys for the ps3, im guessing he probably didnt. Im guessing they removed it because people were buying ps3s to build clusters, they werent really making money on the ps3 unless people bought games/services to go with it.

2pacalypsenow2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

"Im guessing they removed it because people were buying ps3s to build clusters, they weren't really making money on the ps3 unless people bought games/services to go with it."

So you think Sony would remove a feature to lower sales of the PS3? They removed the feature around the same time the Slim came out, don't you think they would just remove the feature on the slim as opposed to removing it for consoles that have already been purchased, wouldn't that make more sense to stop people from buying new PS3's just to stack them together?

Geohot used the Other OS feature to hack the hypervisor feature on the PS3, which was the security used to prevent exploiting the Ps3.

2311d ago
2pacalypsenow2310d ago


But what would have Sony gained by removing the feature from Ps3's already purchased? Removing the feature wouldn't have cause the universities to use them for gaming.

And by 2010 I believe they were already making a profit on every PS3 sold.

2pacalypsenow2311d ago

The PS3 shipped with the Other OS feature, this guy has no idea what he's talking about.

yomfweeee2310d ago

I'm not sure why this is in the news again? We've already known this. Their original settlement was rejected several months ago by the courts or whatever because it was too difficult to prove. So they had a new one that was much easier to prove. Been available since December.