Hollywood Eyes Shortcut to TV: New Films Would Hit Homes in 30 Days

WSJ: "Major Hollywood studios and one of the country's largest cable operators are in discussions to send movies to people's living-room TVs just weeks after films hit the multiplex, a step that would shake up film distribution.

During a cable industry convention last week, executives from Time Warner Cable Inc. made the first formal pitch to the Hollywood studios for what is known as "home theater on demand." The cable company presented a variety of scenarios. But the main one, which has received early support from some studio executives, would allow consumers to watch a movie at home just 30 days after its theatrical release—far earlier than the usual four months—for roughly $20 to $30 a pop."

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fatstarr4383d ago

MOVIES already come out quick enough avatar came out like 3 months later
also>> "for roughly $20 to $30 a pop. " i would much rather physical medium if i am paying that much, hell wtf are they thinking movies cost 12$ by me on a bad day.