Google TV, And Optimizing The Web For The 10 Foot Experience

Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch writes: "Last week at Google I/O, we got our first glimpse of Google TV, a new product due to launch this fall that combines the best of the web with television. Thing is, as anyone who has set up an HTPC can probably attest to, the web isn’t exactly tailored for the so-called 10 foot experience — it’s hard to use an Internet browser when you’re sitting on the other site of the room. So how does Google plan to work around that when Google TV launches?

I asked that question during a press conference held immediately after Google TV was first unveiled."

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fatstarr4383d ago

hes just sitting so casually, makes me want to believe it. I personally don't like this whole idea with TV wars between cable satellite and fiber now you are adding Google to the mix... sigh i been watching things on my TV using my comp and wii its called VGA cable. but time will tell.