Google unveils new Sony TV

"Google unleashed details concerning a new Sony TV at the Google I/O conference earlier this morning with the rather unimaginative name of Sony Internet TV."

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ChickeyCantor4757d ago

Im shocked at the no comments, shouldn't people be going crazy over such thing?
I mean a TV with an OS...

brennton4756d ago

It certainly hasn't got me excited. Yes, it's open. Yes, it can run apps. But there's other offerings such as Apple TV and TiVo that do the job just as well. I personally feel it could suffer like the Nexus One - no matter how hard Google push it, it just won't take off, especially here in Australia where many have just purchased a set top box for our digital television switchover.

Ru4756d ago

Well TechSpy is a newly born community but other than that I think anyone that is interested in viewing the internet on there TV etc already is.
This offers nothing more and actually less than the means to do so already available.

I am intrested in seeing exactly how GoogleTV will work though!