iTunes Store Gets Movie Reviews From Rotten Tomatoes

PCW: When browsing through movies to rent or buy, iTunes users will now be able to gauge quality using the recognizable Tomatometer. The update, which was quietly added this week, joins the customer ratings already on offer, and marks the first time that Apple has introduced external review information into the iTunes store.


Apple to suspend iTunes Store support for “obsolete” first-gen Apple TV

A support document from Apple drives another nail in the coffin for the original Apple TV, first introduced in 2007. On May 25, 2018, first-generation Apple TV devices will no longer be able to connect to the iTunes Store due to new security changes to be implemented by Apple. In addition to first-gen Apple TVs, any PCs running Windows XP or Windows Vista will also lose access to the most recent version of iTunes.

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Apple responds to latest report claiming the iTunes Music Store is closing

Currently, Apple’s plan is to phase out iTunes music downloads by early 2019 and also has a preliminary plan for transitioning users from iTunes to Apple Music.

Apple reportedly plans to create new Apple Music accounts for all iTunes users, transitioning the downloaded songs to their streaming library, as well as playlists and other details. Users would have the three-month free trial period to get acquainted to the new service, but would always be able to listen to any music purchased in the past.


Beatles and iTunes deal still at impasse: Yoko Ono

Yahoo: Don't hold your breath waiting for Beatles songs to go on sale at iTunes or other online retailers, Yoko Ono said on Thursday.
The Fab Four have long resisted the allure of digital downloads, instead selling millions of old-fashioned compact discs last year after remastering the catalog.

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