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Roger Ebert Hates 3D

Scott Wilkinson of UltimateAVMag writes: "In the May 10, 2010 issue of Newsweek, famed movie critic Roger Ebert writes "Why I Hate 3-D (and You Should Too)," giving nine reasons with extended commentary. I don't disagree with everything he says, but "hate" is far too strong a word for me."

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Faztkiller4877d ago

I beginning to think he hates everything

CyberCam4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

He probably hated blu-ray's & HD TV's as well. He's an old hateful little man that will be dead soon and no one will care.

He is allowed his opinion and has every right to shoot off his mouth like anyone else, but remember he's only one man (& a critic at that). There are millions of other people in the world that will enjoy 3D technology, just like all new technologies that have come before it! Once it hits mainstream everyone will want it and have it.

snoop_dizzle4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

I am iffy about 3D in its current state as I always have been. I have felt that 3D could be something good, but it has always looked bad to me. I've known people that always have been "awe" of 3D in the past but I always found it to look bad. In the next few years we may have the chance of implementing 3D in a legit way, but the issues that are present now are holding it back like it has been held back in the past. Even if 3D does become excellent, I don't think I would use it all the time though, which is a big issue in selling 3D. Plus if the screen is too large, I may get sick. However, in the home environment it probably wont be as much as an issue.

The good thing is for the most part 3D hasn't ended up being insanely expensive compared to the entrance of other new technologies, though the glasses have caused understandable controversy. However this can be alleviated with bundle deals with new tv's, and I this will probably occur in the next generations. While most consumers and I may not be able to afford a few thousand dollar tv, it is new, and 3 grand isn't that crazy compared to other high end tv's. The price is naturally expensive so it isn't surprising or necessarily bad. Plus these tv's aren't bad tv's as they are high end products so even without 3d they are solid tv's. in the next year or so we will likely see this trickle into the mid range tv lines.

The most ideal time to jump on is in the second or third generation in which we will see lower prices.

The good thing though is that this drives down the price of conventional tv's as well. So for those that say it is gimmicky (that is debatable), it still works to the consumer's advantage as it drives down tv prices.

Syko4877d ago

I have a 3D "Ready" TV and haven't ever really even bothered to look into it because there is NO CONTENT for how much it would cost to get running! and there is still NO CONTENT even with full 3D TV's now being sold. The only compatible Blu Ray is Monsters Vs. Aliens that comes with the freakin' 3D kit FFS...

So as it stands now, Who cares. There is no content for the home and once you show off your 1 Blu Ray 3D movie to a few friends and get a WOW reaction you will have nothing else to show for your investment...So It's not worth it right now in the end.

In the movies it is just a way to get people back in the theaters and most of the movies except for shining examples like Avatar and the Pixar/Animated movies they aren't all that great and still kind of gimmicky.

People will care eventually, but even early adopters are probably thinking WTF at this Don't buy any Blu Ray's because you will have to buy the MORE EXPENSIVE 3D version next year. Ha ha.

snoop_dizzle4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Yeah, they definitely need content first off if they want any success. While there is some alleged content coming for cable or satellite (I forget what service was going to be offering a few 3d channels), there are only a few things that would care to watch 3D in. Even if it is done right eventually (which I hope to see), I would only use it on occasion. 2D blu-ray is fine for me currently, and even in the future (oh and VUDU streaming ;) ).

fatstarr4876d ago

ill get a 3d TV when they start broadcasting in 3d i am not falling for a HD-DVD again. I rather buy that sharp TV with he rgby or 4 pallet base color display.

and don't you need glasses to see the 3d?

snoop_dizzle4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

I wouldn't totally trust the rgby claim. From what I understand, the way that video is processed currently, it wouldn't really do anything. If anything is a gimmick, it is likely that. Of course that doesn't mean the tv sucks by any means, but I haven't really heard any amazing difference in those tv's.

As for your question regarding glassless 3d, there are some tv's that allow you to see 3d without glasses but to my knowledge they aren't on the market. One is supposedly a 70" display, but it would probably cost a ton.


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