Verizon dismisses Mass. man's $18,000 phone bill

Yahoo writes: "Verizon says a Massachusetts man won't have to pay the balance of an $18,000 cell phone bill his son racked up when he connected his phone to a laptop to get Internet service".

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fatstarr4390d ago

that is pretty funny. but that bill is from 2006? or am i missing something.

Siesser4389d ago

Lucky kid. I moved out into a fairly rural area last June, and as a man seriously addicted to his high-speed cable internet, dial-up just wasn't an option, nor satellite, with their daily caps. My only option really was Verizon. Sadly, that Monthly cap is hard to stay under when you've a roommate, let alone when you use as much bandwidth as I. Suffice it to say, I've gotten numerous $400 bills for going over. Moving BACK to the city again on the first, where I will promptly hug the FIOS box.

mcgrawgamer4389d ago

that's why I'm rocking with Sprint until they close the doors....