Bit-Tech: Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse Review

At £55 the Imperator is over £10 more expensive than the Logitech G500, which is just as comfortable and capable when gaming. However, the extra customisation options mean that this a great mouse that would be at home on any gamers’ desk. As long as they’re right handed that is.

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Accessorise to Survive: Razer Imperator

Electronic Theatre: Razer’s line-up of user interface devices can be confusing at times. Why are there so many? What are the differences? Why do the prices vary so much? And, of course, which one is right for me? There’s no simple answer, of course, but if you’re looking to up your game with a mid-range product suitable for all standard inputs and daily PC use also, you could do far worse than the Imperator.

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