Facebook Privacy: Secrets Unveiled

PCW: Psst...have you heard?

Brandon lost his virginity this weekend.

Victoria called out sick to work so she could see a concert.

And Tony -- poor Tony. Let's just say he spent some time at the doctor's office for a procedure that involved a latex glove and a lot of grimacing.

Let me fill you in on a little secret: I don't know any of these people. Thanks to Facebook, though, I know plenty of personal things about them.

fatstarr4887d ago

one of the first rules of the net is if you dont post it no one would know. once you post it it lives for ever regardless of what you think or delete.
but it is crazy that your friends stupidity and what they do can effect you... sigh that's what happens when you let casuals on the internet.

ChickeyCantor4886d ago

Yeah well, you dont use something like facebook to tell your secrets/private matters. If you do, then you are in fact a retard.


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