Neowin: Too much technology: Was Obama right?

Neowin writes: "US President Barack Obama spoke these words at a graduation speech to the Hampton University class of 2010. It only took a day for the World Wide Web to erupt, in typical hubris, with criticisms of the president for being old-fashioned and neo-Luddite; for succumbing to technophobia in a world where movements are brought to life and struck down on the Internet and where Facebook and Twitter control global news cycles. For the most part, the negative reactions are plausible. Xbox and Playstation aren’t necessarily information gathering tools, and iPods are primarily for music. It’s true that the criticisms against the information overload aren’t unique and can be used across history for any form of mass media. It’s also true that maybe information as distraction isn’t a purely evil creature. However, these critiques are all missing the point".

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