When did Apple become uncool?

It's hard to determine exactly when and where Apple lost its groove. Was it when the company brought the hammer down on iPhone tinkerers, "bricking" jailbroken iPhones? Was it when the company began threatening to delete applications from the app store because it didn't like how they were developed?

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Captain Tuttle4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Apple has always been a controlling company and with the iPhone they finally made a product that EVERYONE wanted or wanted to emulate. Now more people can see the controlling side of the company. Microsoft can tell you how hard it is being #1.

SmokeyMcBear4395d ago

when was it cool? Its always been a niche hipster brand, until the iphone came out.. but even then... it still has hipster roots... and no one likes hipsters.

fatstarr4394d ago

Apple has never been cool...
it had its small circle of followers in a small pond but now they have a big circle of followers so it gets to apples head. -- coolpoints