Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Devices

You know browsers are like your web glasses because it is browsers that you see the web through. Some people still like good old classic browsers, other are going crazy about the new glamorous ones. And despite the variety of choices and difference of worldviews and opinions we can claim that Android fans have a pretty good choice of web glasses for sure.

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Syko4394d ago

I use Opera mini 5 on my G1, It is at least 10x faster than the stock browser.

ReBurn4394d ago

I want Android device. My employer provides a Blackberry for me, so it's a hard sell to the wife to get an Android phone. I also use Opera mini 5, but on my Blackberry. It's a great example of what a mobile browser can be.

Myst4394d ago

I'll certainly have to look into a few of these, currently have the stock browser that came on my HTC Hero. Don't use it often anyway infact the only thing I do use my phone for is calls, texts and sometimes pandora. Certainly couldn't hurt to find a good browser though.

fatstarr4394d ago

i dont know how it is on android but i know skyfire is awesome on my phone. it is literally the desktop experience on your phone.

Serg4393d ago

When Skyfire becomes somewhat stable it is going to be the best browser around, trust me, I've used it since public release on my HTC Hermes, WM6.

As of now though, the Android version randomly shuts down for no appearent reason, but you should definatly keep an eye on it.