Wired Review: HTC Droid Incredible Smartphone

Wired: The highly anticipated HTC Incredible was well worth the wait. This miniature powerhouse not only looks prettier than a stack of Monets, but also smokes most smartphones when it comes to performance.

Captain Tuttle4768d ago

I want one of these. I can't wait until my iPhone contract is up with ATT. I've got another year though and by then this thing will be obsolete. It'll be the free phone they give away for signing a contract.

-Mezzo-4768d ago

I still haven't moved on to these Touch Phones, i still use Nokia E72 & i love it. but i plan to move onto Iphone 4G once it's released, i hope it's better then this.

snoop_dizzle4768d ago

I wish they went into some detail on how music sounds on the phone. I see a lot of reviews not really go into that in the phones they review. I kind of want to know what phones are near the quality of say, a Zune HD (which is a phone I would go for). Perhaps the Windows 7 phones will sound as good or nearly as good, but maybe not.

To me that's as important than Flash or camera quality, but that is just me. In fact I would use music much more.

Sevir044767d ago

and i cant wait. i'll be upgrading to the Evo 4G from sprint in a few weeks, cant wait for mine to arrive in the mail. this looks amazing though.