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Why Obama Is Wrong on Tech

President Obama's recent criticism of technology, including Apple's iPad, is wide of the mark -- particularly at a time when tech is helping to revive the U.S. economy.

Earlier this year, research firm Forrester predicted that U.S. IT spending will grow 6.6% in 2010 to $568 billion, more than twice the rate of GDP.

The president, however, fired a shot across the bow of the tech sector during a speech at Hampton University this weekend, warning that the latest gadgets are placing new pressures on American democracy.

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ephoenix64393d ago

President Obama mentions technology being a recent distraction, but people oppose his opinion because the success of American technology boosts the U.S economy. I agree that the increase in money flow helps our economy, but I also agree that technology is becoming an ongoing distraction with such a constant flow of information, be it entertainment, or education. For example, reading this article was fairly informative, but I'm posting this response at 11PM when I should be asleep. I'm happy for the success of American tech firms, but wish I didn't have to develop such a high level of self control, to stop myself from staying awake at such late hours, checking my facebook status or reading news articles of interest. I strongly agree with what President Obama had to say.