USB 3.0 Falls Short in New Laptop Tests

PCWorld: USB 3.0 is undoubtedly the future, but tests conducted by Techworld suggest that laptop users in particular might need to upgrade their hardware to see much benefit over current technologies such as eSATA.


USB 3.2 will Absorb the USB 3.0 and 3.1 standards

USB 3.2, Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 2x2... What?

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2TB Seagate Game Drive for PS4 Review: Expand Your PlayStation 4 Horizons – Pokde

Our review of the product that's meant to expand the storage on your PlayStation 4 consoles, the 2TB Seagate Game Drive for PS4 on USB 3.0. Is it worth your money?


TP-Link UH720 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub review; the more the merrier?

Never has anyone complained that they have too many USB ports to use. For those who are need more, here's the TP-Link UH720 USB 3.0 hub to consider.