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New Bionic Arms Are Strong, Sensitive, Human-Friendly

Wired: Robotics and prosthetics designers have been making great advances in the power, sensitivity and humanity of their creations.

Case in point: The i-Limb Pulse is a new bionic arm that allows users to handle heavy objects or delicate items, as well as customize the grips to fit their needs.

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Captain Tuttle4395d ago

Pretty funny that the "arm" is a Mag-Lite

Speed-Racer4395d ago

Hmm I wonder what else you can do with those hands...

PS3Gamer864394d ago

This is the first step in creating Terminators we are just delaying the inevitable its gonna happen ppl are blind from this and humans will be on the run. these company's are really Cyberdyne systems aka Skynet. This is PS3gamer86 you are the RESISTANCE.