Reality check: Sprint never delayed the Hero’s Android 2.1 update

Robert Hallock of writes: "Stories from around the web today are decrying Sprint’s 'delay' of the long-awaited Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero, which continues to hobble along on Android 1.5. This news makes for great headlines (and a raft of angry users) but pretty poor journalism, because Sprint has never once officially delayed that update."

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Myst3617d ago

Oh I've read this one earlier and assuming it's supposed to be an update to the stories that a variety of websites have posted about in the past and today. From what I've read many of the gripes come from either A) It was never on the two phones [Hero and Moment] or B) It has been slated as Q1 and just never came about. Not being a full techy I wouldn't know the full benefits that 2.1 gives to 1.5, moving up from a Samsung Rant to a HTC Hero was the biggest move of a phone I've ever made anyway.

Had to search again for it, but I believe this was the last forum post I read about 2.1 before I decided to just play the wait and see card. [ Still not to sure what to think about the overall performance.