Court Says Internet Filtering in Public Libraries Not Censorship

A Washington state supreme court issued a decision yesterday supporting a public library's decision to fully filter Internet content, stating that such filtering could be considered "collection development".

According to an article in Library Journal, the decision is the first of its kind and "may lead some libraries to adopt more stringent Internet filtering policies."

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Captain Tuttle5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

I'm OK with this. After all, prior to the internet you didn't expect to find every available book in a library, certainly not "controversial" ones if you know what I mean. The space limit kind of "enforced" a content limit, or at least gave librarians an easy out. And besides, some things just aren't appropriate in a public space. I'm no prude but there it is.

I'm also glad that these types of stories are being submitted on here. Every once in a while I would submit something like this and it would just get buried over at N4G. This kind of stuff encourages good discussions.


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