Yes, the Mavizen Electric Superbike Is Hot

The Mavizen TTX02 electric superbike is based on the KTM RC8 streetbike, which sports a chrome-moly trellis frame and top-shelf components from WP, Brembo and Marchesini. It is a serious bit of kit. The rolling chassis are sent to Mavizen, sans engines of course, directly from the KTM factory.

Once they arrive in Britain, they get a pair of Agni 95 electric motors. Each produces 22.5 kilowatts continuous power (about 30 horsepower), 36 kilowatts peak (48.2 horsepower) and 40 pound feet of torque. Customers can choose from among three lithium-ion batteries ranging from 4 kilowatt-hours to 10 kilowatt-hours. Those two wires leading to the motors are covered with thick rubber boots.

For those of you who might scoff at the bike’s output, bear in mind the TTX02 weighs just 110 kilograms (242 pounds) without the battery.

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Syko3947d ago

The type of bike you would leave your wife and kids on Christmas morning for...

Damn is that thing nice.

Captain Tuttle3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Electric vehicles are awesome...very high power to weight conversion, no transmission etc. I'd imagine this thing would be strange to ride though...too quiet.

Syko3946d ago

Ya no doubt Tuttle, I mean once they figure out the battery life problem...and then finally take on Big Oil and all it's money and power. Electric is by far superior to internal combustion due to the power to weight ratio it is capable of. The torque these engines can produce are unreal.