WTF Is A THX Certified Display?

HDGURU: "Director George Lucus created the THX Certification program in 1983 to institute audio and film reproduction standards for movie theaters. Later, THX began an audio certification program for home theater. More recently, THX introduced new standards for home HDTV certification (for more on THX history click this link). To receive THX certification a display must pass a battery of tests incorporating over 400 data points.

THX chose the HD Guru as the first journalist to reveal details about its display testing program. (Disclosure: THX paid expenses to visit its San Rafael headquarters)

Our host provided a complete copy of its requirements and specifications for certification with the understanding (for competitive and business reasons) we would only publish the list of test categories with a limited number of the exact specifications. We jumped on the chance to pierce the armor of secrecy surrounding THX’s video standards."

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