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ROCCAT Syn Max Air Gaming Headset review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "The ROCCAT Syn Max Air is perhaps the best and worst headset I've reviewed. In many ways, it's excellent - sound quality, comfort, and feature set (in Windows). It has spatial and 3D sound modes if you like that, extensive EQ settings RGB for those who like that, and more. The dock looks nice on your desk, and I love the convenience of the design when it works properly. The quality audio combined with Bluetooth convenience for listening to both sources at once is also great. The microphone is certainly good enough for most Discord calls or gaming with your buds, even though I would probably step up to something dedicated for a streaming or podcast setup. Despite all of these great things, it's pricey (though currently on sale, which helps a lot!) but the biggest issue is the oddball quirks and other buggy behaviors I ran into. I think it's reasonable to assume that the fine folks at ROCCAT will fix these issues, but for right now, if you're still considering this headset, buy it from somewhere with a generous return policy in case this unexpected behavior drives you to the loony bin like it did for us. "

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