Nacon RIG 300 Pro HC Wired Gaming Headset review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "The Nacon RIG 300 Pro HC is a fairly basic gaming headset, that chooses to sacrifice microphone and ultimate comfort instead of audio quality in making this headset. I have to say, given the nearly entry-level product in the lineup, this sounds far, far better than I expected. By a lot. Yes it could use more bass, but the clarity is insanely good for something in this price bracket! I do wish it fit my large noggin better, and it could be a bit more comfortable, but it sounds really good, especially for the price. RIG seems to use the same quality drivers up and down their product stack; because of this, I can safely recommend pretty much any of them if they fit you well. Great job on not skimping on what's most important, in this value-driven product!"

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