'Huawei P smart 2021' preview - Impressive Tech, Aggressive Price | TechStomper

Huawei P smart 2021 [sic] will be available from early November and takes aim squarely at the young adult market with its €189 price-tag.

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TheEffectDotNet613d ago

Great price and specs but, again, the lack of Google will hinder it, especially when it comes to the phone's target audience who just want things to work.

PrimeVinister613d ago

I think they are trying to grab youngsters before they have a lifetime of stuff on Google.

Get them into the HMS before they have a chance to notice what is missing.

Plus, young people are far more likely to properly try a new OS and they aren't afraid of tech or the internet.

It's a clever move that might not pay off but they had to try something