Your next expensive iPhone purchase will not come with a charger or earbuds

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 12 range yesterday, bringing the classic stylings of the iPhone 4 back to relevancy. With all of the new technology that Apple has stuffed into the box, two things will no longer be included – a wall charger or the wired EarPods that usually accompany iPhones.

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HaloweenJack7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Yeaahhh... No wall charger, from my point of view was not a good idea. What's will happen next? Thank for the Post .

KingPin6d ago

iphone 13 - no battery.
iphone 14 - no battery, no screen.
iphone 15 - no phone in the box.
iphone 16 - you purchase a license to use the hardware annually but the device belongs to them.