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CCG writes - "The Doryum 1080P HD Webcam is in many ways bare-bones. It has a lens which is fixed in place, and a small hole for the microphone. The physical camera honestly doesn't look that great, but it has a top of monitor hook that holds it in place well enough. I just would choose a smaller model for travel, if your laptop doesn't already have one built in. It also has what seems to be a standard 5.5 foot long cable to connect it to your PC's USB 2.0 port.


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Alexious56d ago

Good webcam, from the looks of it

TGG_overlord56d ago

I need a new one, so this might just be the one for me.

BootHammer51d ago

Seems about right for the $49 price. Not bad for an entry level webcam. Zoom, USB 3.0 and a better overall lens for around $99 might be worth looking into for those with a bigger budget.