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Motast TWS-S20 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "These Motast S20 earbuds are of the truly wireless variety, which means that there is no wire connecting anything - no wire from the earbuds to each other, or a battery or Bluetooth transmitter; everything is self contained in each ear. Interestingly, that also means that you can pair them separately, if you're not careful. Or maybe that's the intention if you want to give one to another person, for some single-ear listening."

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Alexious48d ago

Gotta love truly wireless earbuds.

BootHammer48d ago

It's amazing how much of a difference the ear tips can make in changing the sound profile on earbuds. Always a good idea to try each one across different music genres to see what suits you best. Not a bad price at all, but it does look like they need to fine tune the touch controls.