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'Google Pixel Buds' Wireless Earphones Finally Launch in Ireland and UK

Featuring their signature two-tone and minimalist design, Google Pixel Buds retail for €199/£159 with replacement pieces available from day one.

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TheEffectDotNet714d ago

We're really enjoying our time with them so far too, shame there's no ANC though and the battery life could do with a boost too though.

PrimeVinister714d ago

I got 4-5 hours from the buds - which is about par for this price.
From FreeBuds 3, I got around four.
FB 3i are less than three hours, which is poor.
Cannot remember the Samsun Galaxy Buds+ - I assume they were grand though.

TheEffectDotNet714d ago

The Buds+ actually blew a lot of the competition out of the water as we managed to get 9.5 hours out of them on a single charge! Not sure why other manufacturers can't offer all day battery like this to their earbuds as well!